Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Nose Knows

Well I have heard that your sense of smell gets more intense when you are pregnant.  I wasnt prepared on just how intense.  Everything from the sweet smell of oatmeal, the smell of winter in the air, the dog's release of air (ugh so nasty), it just gets more and more overwhelming.  I am constantly saying, oh whats thats smell, oh pew it stinks in here, or wow something smells yummy! Im pretty sure Sione is getting annoyed with the constant comments of smells ;) ..

So the baby is 3 1/4"-4" from crown to rump, and bout the size of a fist ....

My nausea has started to dissipate, but I still get really tired around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, also I have been getting some major headaches in the afternoon too.  I'm trying to keep hydrated and that seems to be helping, I don't want to have to take Tylenol everyday, booo.  

My oldest brother Scotty is getting married on February 19th, so that will be really fun and something to look forward to.  I will be about 6mo along and in all my pregnant glory for the wedding.  Most women might be frustrated or annoyed perhaps with being pregnant and looking "big" for a wedding, but so far I'm actually really excited to be prego for this... I know I say that now, and hopefully I will still feel that way in February!

We are really excited to welcome Christa into our family and know that she will be a great addition to our craziness.

I have had a hard time sleeping lately, I have been getting up in the middle of the night to pee, which is out of the ordinary for me, and when I get back into bed I cant get back to sleep.  Its super frustrating.  Sione was kind enough to point out that when I am sleeping I snore, and he recorded it ... what a peach! So I'm going to get a body pillow to help me get into a comfy position, because I normally like to sleep on my back or my stomach, which I've been reading is a no no.  

Overall I've been feeling pretty good, starting to not fit into my jeans and pants.  I went and bought some maternity pants the other day, and man oh man are they comfortable! I can feel my stomach starting to get a little bit round and hard, but yet it still feels blubbery, not quite a cute prego baby bump yet ... getting there though.  

We have been renovating a couple of the bedrooms and the bathroom at Sione's parents house so that we can move in and have some more space for our growing family until we can find a place of our own, whether here or in San Diego.  I will post some before and after pics when we get them all uploaded.