Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Months

10 months, man oh man.  Inoke is doing sooo much.  He is so busy figuring things out on his own, trying to walk everywhere, talking and making all kinds of noises, and wanting to eat and drink everything that we are eating.  I LOVE IT!

He is also getting 3 new teeth in on the top.  His top left central and lateral incisors, and pretty sure his top right lateral incisor, skipping over his right central incisor.  I'm thinking it's his lateral because there is a pretty big gap between the right and left side ... or it could be that he will just have great big gap, or he is missing that central incisor all together! yikes.  Oh well, he will be cute either way and I will just have to wait to see what teeth are fully erupted by his 12month appointment and have Dr. Savage take a look! I wish I could get a pic, but Inoke is not very cooperative, doesn't like mom's fingers in his mouth ... weirdo!
(Thank you memory for remembering some of my dental terms from dental assisting from way back when.)

He's waving goodbye, getting into everything and eating everything off the floor.  Which is scary, I am so paranoid about him choking, thank goodness I am up to date on my CPR skills, let's just hope I NEVER have to use them!

He loves playing with his cousins.  I am so fortunate to have family around that can help watch Inoke when I have to work.  Inoke and Ezra are the cutest, right when they see one another, they both just start jabbering and crawling all over each other, so silly.  Inoke totally lights up when he sees Daniel walk into the room.  Man, that kid really knows how to make Inoke laugh, smile and be happy!

Since posting that last walking video only about a week ago, Inoke has really mastered this walking thing! He is able to walk all the way across the room unassisted and pretty quick too!  We are in for it!
We bought him a little push/sit on activity car that he loves, here is a little video.

This is a fun little video I took the other night, it's kind of long but still enjoyable! I call this video, tired baby.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And he's off!

Well my prediction was semi-right.  I had said at Christmas that I bet Inoke would be walking around St. Patrick's Day.  Well here is the proof.  He has been taking a few side steps here and there, letting go of the furniture and standing and balancing for a while, so really we're not surprised at this new achievement of Inoke taking the plunge and try walking around on his own.  I'm super happy and sad at the same time, so cool for him to reach this milestone, and yet I think he's still too little, he's just a baby!

Coming soon, Inoke's 10 month post .. stay tuned!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jumping Gym

Last week I met Danny and Ezra at Lowe's Xtreme Gym.  My sister in law Lua works there so we go there quite a bit.  It is really fun, they have a bunch of trampolines, foam pits, a rock wall and tumbling mats.
Then on Saturday March 3 my nephew Daniel turned 8! Wowy time has gone by fast! Daniel had his party at the gym, I wasn't able to go, but here are some great photos from both excursions.  I highly recommend going to jump around and feel like a kid again!

They really did have fun! 

The boys just kept crawling following each other around the little kids area, super cute!

Daniel's Birthday Party.....