Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 week check up

I had my 6 week postpartum check up today, went great I feel really good, got the okay to start exercising, even though Inoke and I have been talking little walks, it's now time to get serious! I also got my IUD put in, I decided to go with Implanon, it goes in your arm rather than inserted into your uterus.  So we'll see how this goes!

To celebrate a healthy check up, I decided to take a walk up the canyon.... here are some pics of Inoke's first trip up the canyon, enjoying the outdoors.

My favorite day!!!

Raging Waters!! 

Grove of trees 
Bridal Veil

Inoke enjoying the outdoors ;)

Love this kid!! 

Today was awesome, we had a great day, Inoke slept the whole time, he is amazing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Naki's Wedding

On Wednesday June 8, 2011 Sione's youngest brother Naki got married.  It was a really cute reception, with fun colors and fun people! I didn't get any photos of the actual reception though because I was a little pre occupied with our new addition.  It was a weird feeling knowing that I couldn't be as care free as I was before, always worried about where he was, who had him, was he crying, was he hungry, did he have a poopy diaper.... so many thoughts and questions running through my mind at all times.  Inoke on the other had was a gem, he had no problem being passed around from person to person wanting to hold and cuddle him, not one peep out of him, love this kiddo!!! They had a photo booth at the reception also, such a cute idea!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newborn Pics

My Sister in law Adrian took these photos the day we got home from the hospital, I think they turned out super cute, thanks Adrian!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inoke's firsts

Here is a little list of Inoke's firsts ....

                                                                     1st day home

                                                                     1st stroller ride
I have been so thankful for this nice weather lately, it has let Inoke and I go out and take little walks around the neighborhood and avoid cabin fever!

1st bath!
He actually really liked it, which made it less stressful for me trying to give a newborn a bath!

1st bottle!
I have to go back to work on the 18th, so sad ;(.  So I thought it was about time to introduce the bottle so that Sione can feed him while I am at work.  Inoke had no problem sucking down the milk.  I know call me a weirdo but it kinda made me sad that it didn't even phase him that he was sucking on an artificial nipple. On the other hand it was comforting because I know that he and Sione will have no problems when I am away. 

1st visit from his Hanai family
Love, love, love these ladies! Cori, Addison, Dani, and Debbie made a spur of the moment 10hr drive from San Diego to come out here to see this little man.  They arrived on a Friday night and left on a Sunday morning! Now that is some serious love and dedication.  I cannot tell you how much these ladies and their families mean to me, they have shown me such support and love it's unbelievable.  I am so grateful to have them in our lives.  It was fun to have them here even if for just a short stay, to bounce ideas off of them, share the joys & frustrations of motherhood, get advice, and just laugh, and boy can we laugh!
Love you ladies! 

1st tuxedo
Sione's brother Funaki got married on Wednesday and we thought this was the most appropriate outfit.  Thank you to our friend Sascha who gave this to Inoke as a baby shower gift, it was perfect and he was the best dressed baby at the wedding ... too cute! 

2 week Stats

Inoke had his 2 week appointment on Friday May 27th.  He is now 4 weeks 2 days, Sorry this post is late.  His stats were as follows ....

Birth:  Weight - 8lbs 6oz
             Length - 20 inches
2 weeks: Weight - 8lbs 11oz - 55%
                Length - 22 inches - 95%
                Head circumference - 14.5 cm - 50%
Love this little boy, sad how fast he is growing already, but so exciting to see his progress!

May 15, 2011

Today's the day we finally get to go home.  We had to stay another day so that Inoke could get as much exposure to the bili lights as possible to get rid of his jaundice, and gave me another day to heal in the hospital.  He looks so teeny tiny!

I love this picture of Sione, such a proud dad! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The first few days .....

The first few days were crazy of course.  I had the best nurses.  I delivered at Utah Valley and everyone there was awesome, even the food! They offer "room service" now which was super delicious believe it or not.  The nurses were gems, always polite, and accommodating.  It was very comforting knowing that the ladies taking care of me and Inoke were on top of their game and really knew their stuff.  Here are some photos of a few of our visitors.....

First Poop!!! Great job dad!!! 

On Friday the nurse had said Inoke's bilirubin levels were a little high so we needed to monitor him and retest him on Saturday morning.  Well Saturday morning he was retested and levels were too high so Inoke had to go under the bili lights.  It was sad to see him under the lights and that he had to be all alone for the whole day with the exception of me feeding him, however the nurses said he was the best baby under the lights, he just sprawled out and chilled under the warmth of the lights.  The nurses said most babies don't like laying like that for hours, but Inoke loved it.  
Cute little peanut

My mom was wonderful and was able to stay until about the end of the month to help out and give me a hand, it was sad to see her go! She is planning on coming back at the end of July to stay another month for Danny and Khealynn's new arrival... So excited for them too!! 

Grandma Kathy!! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the Journey Begins.....

On Wednesday May 11 2011 the day started out like any other, woke up got ready for the day and decided to do whatever we could to jump start the arrival of Inoke.  He was only 2 days late, but we thought hey what would it hurt to help him along a little bit.  I had been having contractions for the last 2 days, they were starting to get closer together on Wednesday they werel about 8 mins apart all day long.  We went walking around the mall, grocery store, and some other places.  We took a drive on an extremely obnoxious bumpy unpaved road around the airport.  Did a little you know what, wink wink ;) and for dinner we had some homemade spicy Curry chicken made by Sione.  In the evening we were enjoying a nice visit from our friends Matt and Julie Gillrie.  Julie had brought a cute lil hat, some great books and awesome Star Wars finger puppets for Inoke.  I was showing Matt and Julie the baby's room when I felt a trickle of fluid down my leg, now I thought perhaps it was pee because you know at this stage in pregnancy it happens. I went to the bathroom to check and couldn't really tell if it was pee or if my water had broke.  So I came out and continued my conversation with the Gillrie's.  Well that didn't last long, I felt another rush of fluid down my leg, I stopped mid sentence and said, "uh I think my water just broke" and with that the Gillrie's wished me luck gave me hugs and Sione, myself, my mom, and my dad prepared to go to the hospital!!!!

My dad was kind enough to capture some of the last moments of my pregnancy.

By about 830pm I was all checked in, changed into my gown and hooked up to the monitors.  On the initial check by the nurse I was dilated to 3+, contractions 5-6 mins apart, but she could still feel the sac intact which meant my water had not truly broken but had a tear in it somewhere causing a leak and Inoke, even though he was head down, was still way up and not "dropping" or "engaging", so the decision was made to start me on pitocin to intensify the contractions to encourage Inoke to drop.  Meanwhile much to my horror 2 nurses, 1 resident physician, and my physician Dr Savage decided they ALL needed to participate in checking my progress on several occasions throughout the evening.  I asked Sione if he was getting jealous of all the "action" I was getting ... gross ... 
I decided to get an epidural at about 1130 pm because of all the checks I was getting pretty uncomfortable and also with the pitocin not only were my contractions really intense, I didn't feel like there was a break in between them and that was pretty uncomfortable too. 
Throughout the evening they were monitoring my blood pressure which was totally unstable, it would go really high then dip really low during a contraction, and Inoke's heart rate would dip way down to about 50 beats per minute during a contraction then go way up to 150-160 beats per minute, poor little guy was not a fan of the pitocin.  By 0200am I was only dilated to a 4 and not progressing, my blood pressure would not stabilize and Inoke's heart rate was also very erratic. By 0215 Dr Savage made to decision to do an emergency C-section because Inoke and myself were in distress and he was not dropping down at all to try a vaginal birth.  
More anesthesia was given and by 0230 or so per my mom, I was wheeled out and headed to the OR, and badda bing badda boom, at 0252 on May 12th Inoke was born!!! I just cant believe how fast it all happened and how smooth it went.  Believe me it was way scary at the same time because of how fast they were working and talking, pretty overwhelming.  
When I heard his loud screech of a cry, which sounded like an owl or some sort of prehistoric dinosaur, tears just started rolling down my face and the wonderful anesthesiologist was kind enough to wipe them away for me since my whole body was basically numb and I couldn't lift my own arm to my face.  Sione went with the nurse to watch Inoke be cleaned up while they stitched me up.  Dr Savage told me that every time I had a contraction Inoke would drop down and his little head would push up against my pubic bone, but my birth canal was too small to let him drop all the way down, so the poor little peanut was born with a little gash on the top of his head from hitting the bone, and she said I would have to have C-Sections from here on out.  So sad ... 

What a crazy ride this was.  I finally got back to my room after recovery at about 0530 and they brought Inoke in to me and Sione.  My mom and dad, proud grandma and grandpa Harris were there to capture the moment! 

We are soooo soooo excited to finally have him here and start this great adventure.