Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 12 Baby Post

I am 12 weeks along.  We had our OBGyn appointment yesterday, Thursday.  No ultrasound but we did get to hear the HEARTBEAT!!! Ah it was amazing, the Dr found it right away, and said that it was really strong.  We thought the monitor was up super loud because of how strong it sounded, but nope it was at a normal volume ... just had an awesome heartbeat, woo hoo! Here is a photo of what the baby supposedly looks like ....

According to my book, the baby weighs 1/3-1/2 ounces and is about 2  1/2 inches long, about the size of a lime.  So far no food cravings or food aversions, which is good.  I have surprisingly not been craving as many sweet things as I normally do.  Thats the last thing I need is a baby that comes out addicted to sugar, ugh no thanks! Still nauseous all day long, but trying to eat snacks every 2 hours to curb that.  Seems to be helping.

Until next time!

Breaking the News

Okay so I'm not off to such a great start, this blogging stuff is gonna take some getting use to.
So Sione and I found out we were prego on Sept 20th.  We decided to keep it a secret since I was only 8wks along, and we were going to see my family up in Washington on October 12th, and break the news to them first since this will be their first grandchild and neice or nephew..

Well Danny found out first, by accident, I was filling out some paperwork for our 1st OBGYN visit, which I thought I was being pretty sneaky about it, well I was wrong because he saw it and I had to spill the beans .... and swore him to secrecy until we could tell mom and dad, I wouldn't even let him tell Khealynn, HA! I'm so mean.

Sione came up with an idea to print a picture of him and I and write a little caption on the bottom and give it to my mom and dad.  Great plan right? False, my mom had a hard time getting it, my dad however got it right away ..... Here are some funny pics from that evening.
The caption read: "UB40 tickets, $80 - Dinner, $40 - Trip to Salt Lake, $20 - Knowing there are 3 of us in this photo, PRICELESS!!" ....... and here are the photos of my dad getting it, then ... wait for it, wait for it .... AAAHHH Kathy got it, YAY!

It was pretty dang funny!!! Cory and Scotty were really surprised too, obviously.  I am so excited for my brothers to finally be uncles!!! My favorite line, "Oh I have so many things to teach this kid!" thank you Cory, I am sure you do!!! Yippeeee

We had an OBGYN appointment and got an ultrasound, but for some dang reason I cant get the graininess out of it and its too dark, so oh well you all will have to wait until the 20week one.  Dr Bean said that everything is on track and he found a flutter heartbeat at 8wks, which was exciting to see.  He wants to see us every 4wks.  I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've finally done it!

Okay so you have all asked me to do it, and so here it is ..... MY BLOG ... 
The reasoning behind now setting up a blog is to share with all my friends and family our joyous news of a new addition being added to our little family.  

Now most of you all know what a struggle it has been for Sione and I to get to this point in our lives, which to be honest I really never thought it would happen. 

A little background, Sione and I were married August 1st, 2008, and what a glorious day that was.  We have been trying to have a baby ever since then.  Now I know that in the scheme of things 2 years is not very long to have been trying.  The part that has been the hardest is being told by a few different physicians, mine and Sione's, that our chances of conceiving while he was on the medication for his Wegener's Granulomatosis was about 3%.  POOP! 

Sione was diagnosed last summer with this Auto-Immune disorder, after years of struggling with being sick and not feeling well, finally he/we were able to get some answers about why he was not feeling up to par and put a name on it.  

So reality kind of set in when I was also told that my lady parts were having a hard time doing their job, (ovulating... appearently my insides are very selfish and didnt want to let these precious items leave! ), so needless to say I was devistated and had to come to terms that it may not have been in the cards for us to have babies on our own.  To tell you the truth all I could really see was $$$$ with infertility stuff,adoption options, etc .. YIKES.

Well the miracle has happened, we are now apart of the 3% that are able to conceive on this stinking medication!!! ahahahah!!!! And all I can think of are some wonderful words that my dear friend Mindy said to me one day, "Lorien, Heavenly Father doesnt care about medication or things like that, he knows when the time will be right and you will be parents and He will make it happen." Mindy!! you are so wise, thank you for those pearls of wisdom!

So now here we are, not knowing if we want to stay in Utah to be closer to family, or move to San Diego, which was our plan before my lady parts decided to be unselfish and let some eggs go, also to be closer to family and some better weather where Sione might get some relief with his sinus problems.  

We need all the help and advice we can get! 
We love everyone and all of the awesome/wonderful support we have gotten.
I will be posting pics,baby updates,moving updates, etc