Monday, January 30, 2012


We have a front loader washing machine, Inoke likes to stand and watch the water and clothes swish around.

The other day I came back in the laundry room from the other room and found him standing like this .... I feel the same way buddy! 

Hermit Crab

Inoke dumped all of his toys out of his basket, tipped it towards him and got inside of it and crawled around for a good 10mins! He loved it in there!


Inoke has 2 teeth now, on the bottom.  The left one started poking through at my moms at Christmas time at about 7 1/2 months.  I couldn't get a great photo of it, he just wouldn't cooperate and let me pry his mouth and lips open, weird right?!  But now hes got this big cheeser grin where you can clearly see both teeth, yay!

This is the best I could get of the left one barely poking through at 7 1/2 mo.

And then there is this! 
 8 1/2 months

Nickel City

Sione's favorite place to go is Nickel City, I know silly, but we always end up having a great time.  Ela, Daniel, Sione, Inoke and I ventured out the other night with a bunch of change we collected from around the house.

We then went to Pizza Pie Cafe with a bunch of quarters.  That's right we paid for our dinner in quarters! Cleaning out our ashtrays, couches, change bins really did pay off! 

Fun time with cousin Ezra

I have been able to watch Ezra a few times over the last couple weeks.  So fun to watch Ezra and Inoke play and interact together.  So fun!

Inoke and Ezra at J Dawgs

Love these boys! 


Here he is, my big 8 month old! He is so funny! I love how much he smiles and laughs, he is such a happy happy baby.  He is already figuring out when mommy says no! When I say it to him, and take him or the object away from him that he's not supposed to have, he makes this funny grunting sound, totally protesting what happened.

He loves food, any kind of food.  His favorite right now is to gnaw on a huge dill pickle!

He really will try anything, always interested in what we are eating and drinking, I am so grateful for that.  Hopefully he will continue to be adventurous when it comes to food and not a picky eater, fingers crossed!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in Washington

So 3 days after we got back from Boise we re-packed and geared up to go up to Washington for a week for Christmas. It.was.awesome! Spent the days just being lazy and hanging around the North Pole, well that's what it felt like.  My mom had the house decorated so great! It was so cozy and Chrismassy, for lack of a better word.  It looked amazing.  My dad had the outside all lit up that puts Clark W Griswold to shame, glorious!

We got to spend time with my 94 year old Gram and Aunt Judy who flew up from Texas.  Gram got to enjoy seeing her 3 great grandsons.  It was a real treat.  Christmas was crazy.  Inoke was everywhere, I mean everywhere, crawling on top of people, on top of other babies, pulling down Christmas lights and decorations, chewing on the coffee table and anything else he could get in his mouth.  It was fun to watch Inoke and Ezra interacting and discovering each other, and Scotty's little guy Jack just sleeping the events away, except when you moved him, he would get a bit unnerved and let you know it! Sounds a bit like a newborn I used to know.. just wants to be left alone.

It was such a glorious week, went by too fast of course.  I got to catch up with some great gals, thanks Shannon E., Katie, and Shannon S. for some great laughs and catching up!!


Airplane, ready to take off, Inoke slept the whole time, he's fantastic

View coming into Seattle 

Santa greeting us after we landed!

                                                                  Sione and Baby Jack


Our tradition, Black Bear Diner, YUM

Ezra and Inoke in AWE of Santa!

Great Gram and Judy following the rules, rule #1 whenever you come into the kitchen you have to decorate a cookie

Great Gram montage


The 3 Musketeers - Inoke 7 1/2 months, Ezra 5 1/2 months, Jack 4 weeks

We made a snowman cookie and look what came out of the oven! It's a Christmas miracle, thanks Danny ;)

Inoke and Ezra with Uncle Cory

Nana and her long awaited grandsons

The coveted walker, both boys loved this thing

Me and Jack

Pop Pop and the boys

Nana and Jack

Sums it up, always in the middle of everything

Christa, Scotty and Jack

The Fam! So much fun!

Then we did a little fun photo shoot with Inoke.... 

USU Bowl Game

Naki and the Utah State Aggies played in the "Famous Idaho Potato Bowl" in Boise Idaho.  We had so much fun!  Ela, Daniel, Sione, Inoke and I left Provo on Thursday December 15th and headed out on our road trip up to Boise.  We got to hang out with Naki and Lindsay on Friday before the big game, watched the game on Saturday and drove home on Sunday just in time for me to work my swing shift at PG, it was a fun, fast weekend.  Inoke did great as always, he did have a bit of a cold but still powered through all the activities and excitement like a champ!

Daniel and Inoke holding sleeping in the car holding hands, tender!

Boise is excited about reading, my kind of town!

Scary Panda Posse.