Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bear Lake

So I'm also super late at posting this trip too.  We went up to Bear Lake at the end of June and had an amazing time.  It's been a tradition for Sione's family to go up every year and stay at Sione's grandparents farmhouse and camp, this year though our group has seem to outgrow the little farmhouse, so my sister in law Adrian found this great resort , Ideal Beach, for us to stay at.  Not everyone could make it this year, but those of us who did go, man oh man it what memories were made, so fun!!! Adrian,Jared and their boys, Tevita,Makenzie and their girls, Ela and Daniel, and Sione,Inoke and I all split the cost of this great condo.  We were steps away from the beach, they had a pool, miniature golf, huge playground, and a big grassy areas for the kiddos to run around and enjoy themselves.  I loved it and hope we can do it again next year at the same place. Inoke was a gem! He slept great and loved all of the attention his cousins gave him. Here are just a few photos from our trip.  It was Inoke's first trip to the beach, but he didn't seem too impressed seeing as how he slept the majority of the time we were down there.

This was a sign hanging in our condo, love it!! 
              Thanks for the memories family!!! So much fun, and can't wait to do it again next summer!!

August Visitors

August was awesome.  It was filled with visitors, sun and fun!! My mom and dad drove their camper down at the beginning of the month and set up camp at Lakeside campground, my dad stayed a few days and my mom stayed the rest of the month.  A couple days later Uncle Charlie, Auntie Monika, Auntie Sheila, and Auntie Crissie arrived.  What a great time.  Inoke and I spent most of our days out at the camp, going to the pool, playing dominoes, eating treats and enjoying the sunshine.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, it was great to spend time with everyone and feel their love and support!!!!

It was really hard to see everybody go and have to get back into a more boring, normal routine! Until next time everyone!!! 

3 months old

So I'm super behind posting this because Inoke is now 16weeks.  But here is his 3month photos.

What he's been up to.....
loves to smile
started "belly" laughing
clasping his hands together
starting to reach and grab toys put in front of him
holding his head up while on his tummy
loves laying on his baby Einstein mat, and playing with the toys on his bouncer
totally loves sitting up and checking out whats going on

I can't believe how fast he's growing and how much he seems to be understanding, love this boy and his smile!