Monday, December 19, 2011

7 months

He's getting big folks! 7months, crazy!

Inoke is recognizing when things get taken away, he likes to throw a little fit, silly baby.
He is recognizing who his mom and dad are which is adorable.  He'll reach for one of us while someone else is holding him.  He hasn't gotten to the "stranger danger" mode yet, which is nice because we can still pass him around and have different people hold him.
He has some favorite toys, he loves the hand and foot shaped chew toys for his teeth, board books, pull toys that vibrate, really anything he can put in his mouth and chew on.
He's climbing up on everything, pulling himself up to standing position in his crib and squawking funny sounds when he wakes up from his naps.
He's pretty much sleeping through the night, with the occasional little night whimpers when he needs his bink put back in... no more night feedings, yay!!!

Cruising around, this kid means business! 

He also loves his vegetables and gets pretty angry when they're all gone

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I didn't have a picture of us three at Thanksgiving, I am horrible at remembering to get us three in a photo, but I'm sure one of the sister in laws has one so stay posted.  Anyway here is my little Inoke's photo shoot for Thanksgiving.

He just loves his cousin Daniel! 

I am thankful for my family and wonderful supportive friends.  Sione and Inoke.  My Harris family, and the Asisi family.  This little miracle baby gives me so much love, I am thankful that Heavenly Father blessed us to have him in our lives.  I am thankful that my husband and I have jobs.  I am thankful we are able to pay our bills.  I am thankful that my mother in law has let us live in her home and take care of it while she is in California.  I am thankful for the challenges Heavenly Father places in my life only to have my faith grow stronger.  I am thankful for love.

Scooting to Crawling

So for the last couple months Inoke has been "scooting" on his back to get around.

It is the best and funniest to watch.

As I posted before Inoke has been trying to crawl for awhile now, up on his hands, knees and toes.  He's been able to move his legs but couldn't quite figure out the arm movement.
Well on Thanksgiving we were getting stuff ready, Daniel was in the living room entertaining Inoke and Ela was vacuuming and I was in the kitchen.  All the sudden I hear Daniel yelling from the other room and this is what I was able to capture!

I am so happy and sad at the same time, such mixed emotions.  I love that he is discovering these things and growing, but I want him to stay my little cuddle bug! I'm sure this is a classic roller coaster of emotions for every parent!

So now that he is getting the hang of it, I found that he had crawled underneath his bouncer and he found his basket of toys .....
HA! Busted! 

Love this guy so much.

6 months!

I can't believe my boy is already 6 months! It's exciting and sad at the same time.  He is moving, moving and moving some more. I love it.
6 months appointment stats:  Weight  17.1 lbs - 55%
                                                      Length 27" - 75%
                                                      Head  16 3/4" - 20% ;(

6 months:  
Sitting up on his own
Scooting backwards
Eating solids like crazy, he loved the turkey and rice combo.
Holding his own bottle, all the time!
Hates getting into the car seat, is fine once the car is moving though
Is an amamzing road tripper
Is distinguishing which toy is which, and getting particular about which ones he wants to play with
Laughing ALOT
Still smiling all the time
Starting to reach to be picked up
Starting to get shy around strangers
Bigger and grosser poos, from the baby food, sick
Still loves the bath, but now starting to splash around and eat bubbles

So alot is going on with this little guy, he just loves discovering new things, and I love watching him try and figure out how to get around, and watching him play with his toys is the best.


Friday, November 4, 2011

5 months

Inoke is now 5 1/2 months.  He is "talking" so much, he is so vocal, I love it.  Although it sounds more like more like squealing, shrieking, and yelling.
He is doing "raspberries", spitting and drooling everywhere.
He is chewing on EVERYTHING, i guess he's teething but nothing cutting through as of yet.
He his holding his own bottle, more or less.
He seems to enjoy peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  We tried bananas the other day and he didn't really care for them, interesting I thought he would love them because of the sweetness, it would be super great if he didn't have a sweet tooth like his mama!
He is scooting backwards when he lays on his back.
He is trying to crawl, gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth, gets one knee forward then falls down.  But he keeps on trying.
He loves his activity jumper, can sit in that thing for hours, well not literally ;).
He is over laying down.  Doesn't really want anything to do with his activity mat, bouncer, or swing anymore, he wants to be upright to see all of the action.
He sits very calmly with dad listening to music on the computer, to the point of dozing off and almost falling asleep.
He is still so smiley and I can't get enough of him.

He's been trying so hard to crawl he's got little red knees... 


I got the most wonderful news the other day.  My very dear friend Mindy told me she was pregnant.... with twins!!!! She is an amazing person and I love to be around her.  I know that her and Lucas are going to make the most awesome parents!  Mindy is creative, funny, kind, giving, a great listener, a wonderful aunt, just an all around fantastic lady! I am so thrilled and filled with joy for the Kane family!

Congrats my friend!

Fall time and Halloween

I love Halloween, and I cannot wait until Inoke is old enough to trick or treat, go to corn mazes, go on hay rides, etc.  I just love this time of year.

Changing of the leaves, Sardine Canyon

Somebody feed this Angry Bird!


Now that Sione's been layed off of work, we have lots of time on our hands.  We finished getting Inoke's room set up. He has been doing really well sleeping in his crib, has an occasional melt down where he doesn't want to be left alone, and just wants to be held, but that's just fine by me! 

He's propped up by his boppie, but he's been practicing sitting up on his own.

We rearranged the living room, cleaned out some closest, took stuff to DI.  Lots of fun.

The other day we met Fia, Scott and the boys for some bowling.  We had a little photo shoot to show you just how much fun Inoke was having! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


So some of you know my recent struggles with breastfeeding.  In the beginning it was great, Inoke latched on right away, my milk was abundant and we both were very happy.  I started back to work when Inoke was about 8 weeks, but only 2 days a week.  So at first pumping was just fine and I seem to be pumping enough to replenish what Sione was using while I was gone without any problems. Well that didn't last very long.. These last 2 months have been torture.  I haven't been able to pump very much at work.  It takes me about 25-30 mins just to get barely 3 ounces.  BOOOO.  So needless to say I have been very frustrated.  Inoke has also seemed to be getting frustrated.  He doesn't seem to be getting enough to eat.  Doesn't seem satisfied after eating and has been really whiney ;(.

I talked with my sister in law Adrian who works up at Primary Childrens and she asked the Lactation Lady what I should do to get some more milk flow.  Here is the regimen: 1 week of Fenugreek pills.  These are nasty, and I had to take 2 three times a day, blech, then 1 week of Milk Thistle pills, which called for 1 pill three times a day, also a gross tasting pill.  So there was hope, I was envisioning after I was done with this that I would have milk flowing and leaking and filling up bottles, so much I would have to sell some of it on KSL or something.  

No, my dreams did not come true.  I was still not producing very much and just as frustrated as before, so was Inoke.  I had to come to terms that I was "drying" up.  How??? My boobs were and are still huge, WHAT is in there, sheesh.

In the middle of all of that we decided to introduce formula to the little guy.  Well no one told me you should mix some breast milk with the formula the first time you give it to the baby.  It was probably the most dramatic thing I have ever seen from him.  I cradled the little guy got comfy and gave him the bottle.  You would have thought I was giving him poison! Oh man he gagged, coughed, spit, cried, yelled and stared at me like "hello, what were you thinking? Are you trying to kill me??".  Well that was a bust.  

However the next time, about a week later, 2 ounces breast milk 2 ounces formula, this kid sucked it down like a champ!!! So there was hope, my baby was getting nourishment and getting full belly! 

I have officially stopped breastfeeding and this little guy is loving the formula.  He's up to 5-6 ounces a feeding and still eating his carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and rice cereal.  

My boobs feel so much better, I think they are shrinking,  I hope.

I want everyone to know that I loved breastfeeding and I will do it again, however now I am better prepared to know what's to come and I won't be as frustrated and sad as I was this go round.  I do love being able to give Inoke a bottle whenever, wherever and not having to worry about a place to hide or having to "cover up".  I do not love however the night feedings, it is so much easier to just whip it out, feed him and go back to bed.  

So there are many pros and cons to both ways, and I have tried both and think I have found a happy medium.  Inoke and I are both happy and no longer crying and being frustrated with each other! 



Inoke has been the best eater! YAY! Let's it continues and he doesn't get sick of me shoving mushy, bland food in his mouth.  

We've also tried green beans and sweet potatoes.  Such a trooper.  His dad is also teaching him how to hold his own bottle.  I say it's too soon, I want to have him still be little and depend on me! 

Thanksgiving Point

Danny's bestest friend Randy came into town a couple weeks ago, it was really fun.  I have known Randy since he was 3 years old! Now he's all grown up and has 3 kids of his own... CRAZY!  We went up to the dinosaur museum, such a great time, love those little kiddos.  Randy's wife April is a riot! She kept me laughing, love that lady!


Inoke not only has found his fingers, but he's found others fingers too.  His poor little mouth, I can tell it bothers him a lot, but I can't feel and teeth coming through, just still gummy in there!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Inoke's first football game, hooray!

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Look who's figured out how to roll!! yippee .... since this video, Inoke has now been able to figure out back to front then back to front to back ... so fun to watch!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Diego visit

I'm posting a bunch of stuff all at once because our internet is finally working... for now....

Over Labor Day weekend I went out to San Diego to visit my friends, and have a little "sprinkle".  Dani, Cori and Debbie put together a little luncheon for Inoke so everyone out there could meet this handsome devil.

I was so so nervous for the flight.  It was only an hour and a half, but shoot that's an eternity when you have an inconsolable screaming baby! Plus I do believe this little guy is teething, he had a runny nose and slight little cough, so I was afraid the air pressure in the cabin was going to do us in! Sione took us up to the airport bright and early, 4 am bright and early ;) .... Inoke was still snoozing so that was a relief.  We got checked in, I checked the car seat, stroller and suitcase, transferred Inoke into the baby Bjorn, where he continued to snooze, and we were off to the gate.  Sione was allowed to go to the gate with us, thank goodness because man I was a nervous wreck.  We said our goodbyes, well I cried my goodbye, and headed down the jetway.   I got myself together and gave myself a pep talk, I can do this, I am an expert flyer, I love flying and so will Inoke!!! Dang it!!! Equipped with extra bottle, toys, books, blanket and whatever else I could shove into his diaper bag, we took our seat and prepared ourselves for the most enjoyable flight ever! Well here is a picture from our flight ......
It's really the only good one I could get.  He slept for all but 15mins of the flight!!! Yee Haw, he's the greatest baby!! He woke up just as we were starting to descend to say hello to everyone, then went back to sleep when I was walking to baggage claim.  What a gem!

So note to self always take the earliest flight out!

                                                                   John, Addie, and Inoke

Cori, Gavin, and Inoke

My SDPD friends

Here is a silly little video of my guy, please ignore the obnoxious adult lady voice

Such a great trip, we had a great time! Thanks Jacksons, Queens and Reschs

4 months

Look who's 4 months and loving it!

STATS:  Weight 14.5 lbs - 50%
                Height 26 inches - 90%
                Head 16.5 inches - 50%
It was a great appointment, Inoke got his second round of shots and did really well, of course he cried, but as soon as I picked him up he calmed down and slept for about 2 hours! Inoke is doing so awesome, he's holding his head up so well, sitting up in the bumbo chair, and such strong legs always pushing and wanting to stand! So curious about everything.  He is reaching and grabbing for things.  He is even figuring out what that pacifier is all about, so funny to watch his curious little mind and body figure things out.

I have been having some issues lately with pumping and not getting enough milk to replenish what Sione uses while I am at work, so I talked to Dr. Savage about my options and she suggested that if I think Inoke isn't getting enough milk from me, start him on rice cereal and add it to a bottle, or start feeding it to him after a bottle or nursing feeding.  So guess what, that's just what we did, and Inoke loves it!!! 

So now that we're trying rice cereal and liking it, maybe in the next couple weeks we'll, try some veggies..... stay tuned 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bear Lake

So I'm also super late at posting this trip too.  We went up to Bear Lake at the end of June and had an amazing time.  It's been a tradition for Sione's family to go up every year and stay at Sione's grandparents farmhouse and camp, this year though our group has seem to outgrow the little farmhouse, so my sister in law Adrian found this great resort , Ideal Beach, for us to stay at.  Not everyone could make it this year, but those of us who did go, man oh man it what memories were made, so fun!!! Adrian,Jared and their boys, Tevita,Makenzie and their girls, Ela and Daniel, and Sione,Inoke and I all split the cost of this great condo.  We were steps away from the beach, they had a pool, miniature golf, huge playground, and a big grassy areas for the kiddos to run around and enjoy themselves.  I loved it and hope we can do it again next year at the same place. Inoke was a gem! He slept great and loved all of the attention his cousins gave him. Here are just a few photos from our trip.  It was Inoke's first trip to the beach, but he didn't seem too impressed seeing as how he slept the majority of the time we were down there.

This was a sign hanging in our condo, love it!! 
              Thanks for the memories family!!! So much fun, and can't wait to do it again next summer!!