Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inoke's 1 year appointment

Inoke's 1 year appointment was pretty uneventful.  He got his last round of shots, which was sad as always, poor guy.  Got a thorough examination from Dr. Savage and is "looking great". We are transitioning, or trying to, from formula to milk.  He likes it well enough, just trying to get used to having it in a sippy cup.

Height - 30 1/2 inches - 75%
Weight - 20lbs 2 oz - 15%
Head size - 17.8 in - 20%

Wandering around the room getting into everything, and 1st taste of milk. So good .... 

Having a little dance party that evening with his new music set .. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random photos and happenings

Here are just some random photos from our happenings and adventures.

Trips to the park

Bike rides

Bon Fires 

Inoke's sick day.  He had been having low grade fevers,runny nose and a wet cough for a few days, well on a Sunday his temp spiked at 102.4.  I called the our on call nurse and she said with the given symptoms take him to instacare to rule out pneumonia.  Well they ruled that out, and strep and ear infections. So they did some blood work.  After 3days of trying to get answers, it turns out it was a viral infection and we would just have to wait it out.  Gotta love it.

My spa day, thanks Sione and Inoke!


So this is a little late, sorry - It's been a crazy month. Starting off we had Daniel's baptism
(Thanks for the photo Ela)

Sione was honored to be involved in baptising Daniel.  What a great event. We love that little guy, and so excited to see him take this step in his life.

Then the next weekend was ...... 

We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate, and a special thanks to Ela, Fia, Naki, Lua, Tiana, My Mom and the kiddos for helping blow up balloons, frost cupcakes and decorate for Inoke's UP Party! We think we used close to 400 balloons! Oh and thank you to Pinterest for the great ideas!

I love that my mom and dad were able to come down to help celebrate! 

Sione found Jeremy, this awesome balloon guy and he made Inoke this cute UP house and came to the party and made everyone, even the adults, fantastic balloon creations.

We had Jdawgs hot dogs cater the party, and man they were delicious! 

Inoke didn't really want anything to do with his cake, he's not really a sweets kid, loves salty things, probably would have rather had a dill pickle to munch on instead .. wait he did! 

Sione tied balloons up on the top of the house, then at the end of the party we let them go, it was cool! 
I can't believe that this little guy is 1! He's such a joy to be around, he is always making me laugh and smile with his little mannerisms and "words" he says.  Thank you Inoke for coming into our lives and blessing us with such joy and happiness! 

The next weekend was Sione's long time friend, Mike's wedding.  We love Mike and we love Grace, so glad they are finally hitched! 

View of Thanksgiving Point Golf Course, where the celebration occurred.

Inoke had been running a low grade fever and had a runny nose for the last couple days, so he was pretty clingy and didn't really want to be put down during the ceremony-reception, however when the music started at the reception and everyone else started dancing, my boy was off! I love this kid and I love how much he loves music and dancing, he is his mother's son .. if that's even a saying ;) 

Also Mike and the "Provo Boys" put together a little ditty for Grace, it was super cute! 

Okay and to top it all off, the last weekend in May we decided to take a little impromptu trip out to San Diego to surprise Sione's mom.  Myself, Inoke, Sione, Naki, and Lindsay piled in the Camry and set off at about 9pm Thursday night, arriving about 630am Friday morning.  Inoke was a great traveler as always, slept almost the entire time.  It was a great but fast weekend, got to go to The World Famous San Diego Zoo, relax at the pool, and attend an interesting carnival at the Valley Center Fair..... 

Surprise June!

So fun, it was the best carnival! Ha, not really ;).  It was great people watching, the total teeth of all the workers at the carnival was probably 32! We had a good time.  Treden and I took a spin on the strawberry shortcake ride, and he loved the dragon roller coaster.  He also rode a potato sack down the huge slide and caught some air at the end, there is a picture of his leg after his ride ... and a little video 

Pool Day, Inoke had a blast.  So tuckered fell asleep eating his apple!

We met the Queen's and the Resch's at the Zoo on Saturday, I love the Zoo.  Saw some great animals, the gorillas were by far the most entertaing.  I borrowed this video from Jake.  One of the smaller gorillas was bothering the other one's with his "blanket", a burlap sack.  So one of the older ones threw it off the little embankment, and the little one followed right behind it .. super funny! The kids kept saying that the 'daddy' was telling the younger one to clean his room. 

Inoke didn't know quite what to do in the petting zoo, just kind of wandered around taking in the animals. 

So that rounded out our month of May.  Here's to June and many more pictures and adventures.

Photo A Day May

Here is May's list, I did much better, missed only 2 days! 

Now on to June

Photo A Day - April

So my sister in law Ela posted in Instagram the Photo a Day challenge from this blog.  This blog is great, and I love the monthly photo challenges that this gal puts together.  April I wasn't so great at, missed a few days.  Here is the challenge and the photos.