Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound!

I'm so excited to post these! I had my 20week ultrasound last Tuesday, and lemme tell ya it was a tear jerker for me! The ultrasound tech was wonderful, she told us everything that she was seeing and reassured us that what she was seeing was "normal" and looked good.
We decided to find out what the baby is, I just couldn't wait ... I got really impatient!

As you can see by the middle photo, this little one wasn't being too shy about showing us HIS "stuff"! I love that he's holding his fingers like he's flipping us the bird, like he's saying uh, hello a little privacy please!

So May 9th, at least that's when the Doc says he is supposed to arrive, we will be welcoming our little monkey, Inoke Funaki Asisi. YAY!

Inoke weighs about 11oz., almost 11 inches in length and according to the ultrasound, pretty dang active. She said I probably haven't really been feeling him because my placenta is lower posterior. She said that since its positioned lower and posterior there is more fluid at the front of my uterus so that cushions his movements, but as my uterus is ever expanding it will hopefully push the placenta up and forward, then I get to look forward to his kicks and punches.

Christmas was great! Of course by finding out what we are having was the best Christmas present ever! Both Sione and I had to work, but thats okay, we didn't really have any big plans, so the Holiday pay was worth it! Hopefully we will be able to get the Holidays off next year and be able to head up to Washington to spend them with the Harris grandparents.

It's been fun looking at little boy clothes and toys and stuff. Sione bought a cute a little batman onsie at Old Navy, I'm so excited to buy this little guy stuff..... Now I keep saying "little" because I believe in positive thinking. June, my mother in law, told me that none of her kids weighed between under 9lbs. Phew what a saint! Not sure I will be able to do it. So like I said, positive thinking!

Here we go 2011, so excited for this new year!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the Season

I really love this time of year.  I used to love going out the weekend after Thanksgiving and cutting down our own tree, or should I say trees, we had one for the kids ornaments with the colored lights and then my mom had one for all of her fancy ornaments with the white lights ... oooh la la.  My mom always made it a point to have the house so cozy and decorated, I LOVED IT.  Thats why I love this time of year, family getting together, decorating the tree and house and the delicious spice concoction my mom always had brewing on the stove ..... it was/is delicious, mixture of whole cloves,cinnamon sticks,water,all spice, and just simmer!

Speaking of Families, I am so grateful for my family.  I love being around my family and how goofy we can be, that I can be so loud and joke and sing stupid tunes and not feel totally dumb.  I am grateful for my extended family and the support and patience they have for mine and Sione's roller coaster of indecisiveness for our lives and what we want to do with it.  

So the update on the little one is it is the length of a banana ... I love bananas!

weighing in at about 10 1/2 oz now and measuring approx 10inches from head to heel.

Can I just say that right now I am a bit uncomfortable.  Now for those of you male family members of mine that read my blog, you may want to skip this portion..... SOOOO with that disclaimer out of the way, my belly is forming into a nice ROUND BALL, not quite hard, not quite squishy, just there.  Now thats not the part that I am having an annoyance with.  Let's get to it, its my boobs.  There I said it ... they have gone from a 36d to a 40dd ... and I mean a FULL 40dd, I'm guessing each one weighs at least 7lbs.  I would be okay with this knowing that its temporary, however the realization that looms is that they are only going to get BIGGER and I can only imagine when my milk comes in.... wowy wow wow. Also I can handle not fitting into pants and having to wear maternity pants and a little bigger shirts, but the problem is now that my chest has decided to go crazy, not even large shirts fit right ;( ... and I'll be damned if I have to wear those HUGE blousy moo moo shirts. 
Thanks for letting me vent about this one ... with that being said, its all definitely for a most wonderful cause, and thats what is getting me through dealing with all this extra padding!!!

Next week is our ultrasound appointment, wish us luck.  I still haven't decided if I want to find out yet or not ... I'm so indecisive about the whole thing.... 
Until next week

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving - Home repairs

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Sione's parents house, everybody except the Wolfgramms were in attendance, it was nice and relaxing .... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT MADE THE YUMMY YUMMY FOOD!  Here are just a few photos from that delicious day, my media card is acting funny so I wasn't able to upload all the photos...

And as promised here are some before/after and progress photos of the bathroom and bedroom at Sione's parents house that we will soon be occupying ... 

BEFORE Bathroom and Bedroom pics

AFTER Bedroom pics
Its kinda hard to see but the color is called Spanish Moss, an nice green tone, I am really excited for it, Sione is finishing tiling the bathroom so a soon as that is done, I will post those.  

Things are really coming along, I have to give a BIG thank you and shout out to Ela,Scott,Fia, and of course Sione for making all of this possible.  I feel bad that I cant help paint and things like that, I am truly blessed to have them in my life and that they are so willing to help.


I love the Holidays

I am so glad it is December, now I can actually listen to Christmas music and enjoy it without getting the glaring looks from others that its "too early" for it.

We had our 16week appointment last week and everything is going according to schedule which is what we love to hear.  Heard the heartbeat again, nice and strong.  I talked to Dr Aagard about some of my recent symptoms, horrible headaches, weird twinges and pains n my lower abdomen and he reassured me that everything is normal, just my uterus stretching and making room for my little one, and that the headaches should start to diminish soon, so that was nice to hear that everything that I am feeling is normal.

So my little one is the size of a turnip now, weighing in at approx 5ounces and about 5 inches from head to bottom.....

I am getting bigger and bigger by the day, I feel like I have a whole garden full of turnips inside me rather than just one teensie weensie turnip. 
A couple new symptoms I seem to be experiencing is A) lack of an appetite and B) Constipation - Is this normal not to want to eat? Nothing sounds good to eat, and I never really feel hungry, but I know I have to eat so lately I've just been gagging food down, not really enjoying it ... boo hoo ... and sorry TMI about the constipation but holy cow do I feel bloated and uncomfortable.  I have been trying to drink more fluids and add metamucil to my lovely diet, yuck! Such a fun journey though! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Nose Knows

Well I have heard that your sense of smell gets more intense when you are pregnant.  I wasnt prepared on just how intense.  Everything from the sweet smell of oatmeal, the smell of winter in the air, the dog's release of air (ugh so nasty), it just gets more and more overwhelming.  I am constantly saying, oh whats thats smell, oh pew it stinks in here, or wow something smells yummy! Im pretty sure Sione is getting annoyed with the constant comments of smells ;) ..

So the baby is 3 1/4"-4" from crown to rump, and bout the size of a fist ....

My nausea has started to dissipate, but I still get really tired around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, also I have been getting some major headaches in the afternoon too.  I'm trying to keep hydrated and that seems to be helping, I don't want to have to take Tylenol everyday, booo.  

My oldest brother Scotty is getting married on February 19th, so that will be really fun and something to look forward to.  I will be about 6mo along and in all my pregnant glory for the wedding.  Most women might be frustrated or annoyed perhaps with being pregnant and looking "big" for a wedding, but so far I'm actually really excited to be prego for this... I know I say that now, and hopefully I will still feel that way in February!

We are really excited to welcome Christa into our family and know that she will be a great addition to our craziness.

I have had a hard time sleeping lately, I have been getting up in the middle of the night to pee, which is out of the ordinary for me, and when I get back into bed I cant get back to sleep.  Its super frustrating.  Sione was kind enough to point out that when I am sleeping I snore, and he recorded it ... what a peach! So I'm going to get a body pillow to help me get into a comfy position, because I normally like to sleep on my back or my stomach, which I've been reading is a no no.  

Overall I've been feeling pretty good, starting to not fit into my jeans and pants.  I went and bought some maternity pants the other day, and man oh man are they comfortable! I can feel my stomach starting to get a little bit round and hard, but yet it still feels blubbery, not quite a cute prego baby bump yet ... getting there though.  

We have been renovating a couple of the bedrooms and the bathroom at Sione's parents house so that we can move in and have some more space for our growing family until we can find a place of our own, whether here or in San Diego.  I will post some before and after pics when we get them all uploaded.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 12 Baby Post

I am 12 weeks along.  We had our OBGyn appointment yesterday, Thursday.  No ultrasound but we did get to hear the HEARTBEAT!!! Ah it was amazing, the Dr found it right away, and said that it was really strong.  We thought the monitor was up super loud because of how strong it sounded, but nope it was at a normal volume ... just had an awesome heartbeat, woo hoo! Here is a photo of what the baby supposedly looks like ....

According to my book, the baby weighs 1/3-1/2 ounces and is about 2  1/2 inches long, about the size of a lime.  So far no food cravings or food aversions, which is good.  I have surprisingly not been craving as many sweet things as I normally do.  Thats the last thing I need is a baby that comes out addicted to sugar, ugh no thanks! Still nauseous all day long, but trying to eat snacks every 2 hours to curb that.  Seems to be helping.

Until next time!

Breaking the News

Okay so I'm not off to such a great start, this blogging stuff is gonna take some getting use to.
So Sione and I found out we were prego on Sept 20th.  We decided to keep it a secret since I was only 8wks along, and we were going to see my family up in Washington on October 12th, and break the news to them first since this will be their first grandchild and neice or nephew..

Well Danny found out first, by accident, I was filling out some paperwork for our 1st OBGYN visit, which I thought I was being pretty sneaky about it, well I was wrong because he saw it and I had to spill the beans .... and swore him to secrecy until we could tell mom and dad, I wouldn't even let him tell Khealynn, HA! I'm so mean.

Sione came up with an idea to print a picture of him and I and write a little caption on the bottom and give it to my mom and dad.  Great plan right? False, my mom had a hard time getting it, my dad however got it right away ..... Here are some funny pics from that evening.
The caption read: "UB40 tickets, $80 - Dinner, $40 - Trip to Salt Lake, $20 - Knowing there are 3 of us in this photo, PRICELESS!!" ....... and here are the photos of my dad getting it, then ... wait for it, wait for it .... AAAHHH Kathy got it, YAY!

It was pretty dang funny!!! Cory and Scotty were really surprised too, obviously.  I am so excited for my brothers to finally be uncles!!! My favorite line, "Oh I have so many things to teach this kid!" thank you Cory, I am sure you do!!! Yippeeee

We had an OBGYN appointment and got an ultrasound, but for some dang reason I cant get the graininess out of it and its too dark, so oh well you all will have to wait until the 20week one.  Dr Bean said that everything is on track and he found a flutter heartbeat at 8wks, which was exciting to see.  He wants to see us every 4wks.  I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've finally done it!

Okay so you have all asked me to do it, and so here it is ..... MY BLOG ... 
The reasoning behind now setting up a blog is to share with all my friends and family our joyous news of a new addition being added to our little family.  

Now most of you all know what a struggle it has been for Sione and I to get to this point in our lives, which to be honest I really never thought it would happen. 

A little background, Sione and I were married August 1st, 2008, and what a glorious day that was.  We have been trying to have a baby ever since then.  Now I know that in the scheme of things 2 years is not very long to have been trying.  The part that has been the hardest is being told by a few different physicians, mine and Sione's, that our chances of conceiving while he was on the medication for his Wegener's Granulomatosis was about 3%.  POOP! 

Sione was diagnosed last summer with this Auto-Immune disorder, after years of struggling with being sick and not feeling well, finally he/we were able to get some answers about why he was not feeling up to par and put a name on it.  

So reality kind of set in when I was also told that my lady parts were having a hard time doing their job, (ovulating... appearently my insides are very selfish and didnt want to let these precious items leave! ), so needless to say I was devistated and had to come to terms that it may not have been in the cards for us to have babies on our own.  To tell you the truth all I could really see was $$$$ with infertility stuff,adoption options, etc .. YIKES.

Well the miracle has happened, we are now apart of the 3% that are able to conceive on this stinking medication!!! ahahahah!!!! And all I can think of are some wonderful words that my dear friend Mindy said to me one day, "Lorien, Heavenly Father doesnt care about medication or things like that, he knows when the time will be right and you will be parents and He will make it happen." Mindy!! you are so wise, thank you for those pearls of wisdom!

So now here we are, not knowing if we want to stay in Utah to be closer to family, or move to San Diego, which was our plan before my lady parts decided to be unselfish and let some eggs go, also to be closer to family and some better weather where Sione might get some relief with his sinus problems.  

We need all the help and advice we can get! 
We love everyone and all of the awesome/wonderful support we have gotten.
I will be posting pics,baby updates,moving updates, etc