Friday, February 24, 2012

9 Months!

Inoke is now 9 months (and 2 weeks).  He is so much fun, I love this stage.  However I got a little sad, because at his appointment Dr. Savage said, "Okay the next time we'll need to see Inoke he'll be 1!" ... Ahhh! She's right, and how crazy is that, yowza, I'll have a 1 year old!  Now that he's got those two teeth on the bottom, we've been practicing brushing our teeth.

9 Month Stats:
Weight: 19 lbs - 47% 
Height: 28.5 in - 52%
Head: 17.2 in - 10% :( 

Okay so I was a little concerned to say the least about his head size .. I mean it's usually the opposite, babies heads are too huge for their bodies.  Not this kiddo.  Shoot. 
 I panicked a little at the appointment because she started asking me questions about his development, she asked if he was clapping yet, my response, no.  She asked if he was waiving bye-bye, my response, no.  My face must have been showing worry, panic, confusion, etc, you get the point.  I immediately asked how far behind is he? I've been doing patty cake, and waiving to him for awhile, why isn't he picking it up?  Dr. Savage laughed, boy did she laugh at me.  She reassured me that he was not behind, that this is just something babies start doing at his age, and he is developing just fine.  Dr. Savage also reassured me that the size of his head has nothing to do with his brain development. Phew! She said she was not concerned because it is growing, just not as rapidly as most babies.  Geez, what a crazy thing to panic about,  I mean really, he is very healthy and such a good baby, man I gotta relax! I guess. 
He is crawling faster and faster, he is walking along the couch, chairs, boxes, anything he can balance against.  He is even letting go sometimes and "balancing" for a bit, then falling down on his bum.  

He loves to dance.... 

And play the piano with Grandpa

He's starting to say Da-Da and Ma-Ma, although I'm pretty sure he's not associating it with either one of us yet, but it's still pretty cute. I'm trying to get that on video.  

Friday, February 10, 2012


On Tuesday we went up to my friend Amy's in Heber, who along with her husband "Chef", provided us with a delicious brunch and beverages, then off to Soldier Hollow for an afternoon of tubing.  Inoke was too little of course to go done the actual tubing hills, but they had a cute little hill set up for the little ones and we hung out taking photos and basking in the sun.  Inoke was a gem, he loves being outside and around people, he just hung out and took in the sights.  I did take a few turns on the run, thanks to Shawni for hanging out with the little guy!
Getting ready, not so thrilled!

This guy loved the snow, not a peep outta him about it bothering his hands.  Not to worry people, I had gloves for him, and his suit folds over to cover his hands

Tuckered out, fell asleep for a little over an hour! Right through all of my hooting and hollering and all the other commotion going on! I am truly blessed!



Mashed Potatoes

Inoke is trying more and more everyday to feed himself, he's almost got the hang of it.  He has been trying to use a spoon too, but seems to keep missing his mouth, and getting his nose, neck, head, shirt, oh well practice makes perfect, we'll just keep at it.


I forgot to post this with the USU trip photos, this was at the indoor pool at the hotel in Boise from back in December.  Inoke loved it, especially with Daniel swimming around him.  I can't wait to get him into swimming lessons!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early Riser

Okay I need some advice.  In the last month Inoke has decided that he wants to start getting up between 0600-0630 every morning.  Which would be okay if he were staying awake for a few hours then taking his morning nap around 0900-0930.  He has been waking up super chatty and talkative so I know he is really awake and wanting to get up, but then getting super tired and needing to go back to bed around 0730-0800, which leads me to believe that he really isn't ready to be getting up.  So what to do, what to do.

Our evening routine hasn't changed, starting at around 7pm and ending about 8pm, take a bath, read a book, have a bottle and go to bed.  We've been doing that for the last 3-4 months and Inoke was sleeping until 0715-0730.  So I am not sure what has changed or why all of the sudden he wants to get up so early.

I've tried making a bottle and giving it to him in his room, in the dark, in the rocking chair thinking that he would fall back asleep. Nope.  I've tried getting him up and bringing him into my room to lay down and relax, hoping he would fall back asleep.  Nope. He's just so happy and wants to play, that it makes me think this is okay and he's just changed his internal clock ... except for the fact that he gets grumpy and tired so soon after getting up.

Anyone have any suggestions or if this is normal? Do I just leave him in his crib to play and chat for an hour?