Monday, August 8, 2011

The mullet is gone

Poor Inoke was born with very little hair, and the hair that he did have was growing in like a mullet and old man do ... so sad, poor little guy.
I couldn't take it anymore, so here's what we did .....

BEFORE: mind you, he doesn't really have any hair on the top of his head either


Its kind of a long video, but he did so good! love this little boy!!!

Here's to a new thick head of hair! hopefully ;)

August 1st

August 1st was Sione and my 3rd wedding anniversary. The old cliche saying is "wow where has the time gone, it's gone by too fast".  Is it heartless for me to say that it hasn't gone by super fast... nor has it gone by super slow either... the time has gone by just perfectly.  I have been able to cherish every moment and be thankful for the wonderful life I have.  AND to think this time last year little Inoke was not in our lives... crazy!!!  So we went out to eat at The Spaghetti Factory, took a nice evening stroll and then headed home.  Even though this photo has Inoke in it, he didn't come with us, Ela watched him.

also my husband was thrilled to have his pic taken as you can see....