Monday, August 25, 2014


So almost 2 years and I haven't posted a single thing about our little spit fire, Koli! How rude of me.  So here we go!

We had such a fun year leading up to the arrival of Koli.  We moved up to Farmington, enjoyed our new apartment and all of the amenities near by.  Swimming, splash pad, playground, walking to catch the train, walking to a wonderful shopping area, and many other little adventures.

Koli arrived by Cesarean section on June 13, 2013.  Weighing in at 8 lbs even and 20.5 inches long

  Unfortunately he had jaundice, so after we were discharged from the hospital I had to take him every day to get poked, poor little guy.  Then eventually had to get the little tanning bed for him to lay in.  What an adventure that was, going up and down 3 flights of stairs from our apartment down to the parking lot every day with a 2 year old, 1 week old and me having a bum stomach from surgery.  Glad that only lasted a week!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exciting News!

So excited to post this photo.......

Coming in June 2013!
We have decided not to find out, I know crazy right?! We were going to try and not find out with Inoke, but I just couldn't hold out.  It was my first and couldn't stand the anticipation.  So since we already have all the basic essentials that we need, we figured hey why not, let's live on the edge!  I am so nervous and excited at the same time.  Truth be told, I am terrified.  I love my little guy so so much and cannot wait to share this love with a sibling, but  I just don't want Inoke to get lost in the shuffle, if that make sense.  I know he will be such a great big brother! 

Also we have another big change coming up.....
This will be our new home starting in January.
It is in Farmington, just west of the freeway, which is about 15mins north of Salt Lake City.
We signed a year lease and going to try it out to see how we like living up there.  
Believe me I have my reservations about moving away from all our family and support system.  But I really think this is going to be a great new start for our little family and it will make those times that we spend with the extended family that much more special and fun.
This 1 hour sometimes over 1 hour commute is just killing me.  I hate traffic! I have turned into such a road rager!! I also hate that it causes me to be away from my little guy and Sione so much. I was worried about our childcare situation, because we do rely so much on family to help us with watching Inoke, however we figured out that we really are just needing help because of our long commutes!
Sione's work is about 10mins from here and mine is about 20mins.  I will be going back to graveyards for January through the end of March, so with us being so close we won't have to find a babysitter for that 1 1/2 gap of when our commutes overlap! It is going to be glorious!! 

So that is the latest update in our little Asisi Family! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I forgot to post this little gem.... Inoke with Chief Burbank at the Salt Lake City Police Department Halloween party.  As you can see it took a little bribery to get him to stand still... best part is he didn't even get to eat any of that candy, I slyly gave them back after our photo shoot!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


October came and went.  Mostly because I felt like a zombie.  Working Graves really puts a damper on things when you want to spend time with family and friends, but have to make sure to get enough shut eye during the day...which is virtually impossible when your body isn't used to it and you have a 1 1/2 year old.  My mother was kind enough to come down for a few weeks and help. Man I have an awesome family!

Most of these pictures are of Halloween activites, as they should be.  That is what October is all about!
Inoke getting candy at Sione's work

Inoke getting candy at Mom's work...Daniel,Inoke and Ari getting ready to trick or treat

Clay and Inoke on Halloween, same costume, how awkward! ha!

Haunted Provo River boat ride...scariest night of our lives....

Miniature Golf at Willows Golf Course...thank you Susan and Steve Roberts for your hospitality!

Mom and I at breakfast

Gardner Village...Sione making his very own jump rope

Pumpkin Patch

Gramma K and the monkey and the skunk


September, another month full of birthdays and busyness.  I switched back to a swing shift for the 1st 3 weeks, which was great. It is so nice waking up in the morning with my boy and just hanging out until I have to go to work.  No rushing around, just relaxing and spending time together.  Then the last week I went back to my original trainer and switched to her shift, graveyards.  I stayed on graves until the end of October.  It was torture.  It was crazy trying to figure out when to sleep, and am I going to get enough sleep to be able to function at work? I tell you those drives home at 0700am were brutal!

Sione took an impromptu road trip back to San Diego with his dad for Labor Day weekend...I had to work ;(


Dunes with some of Sione's friends...Inoke loved it

Inoke's new favorite thing is to ride the Carousel at the Provo Mall, he loves this thing!

We spent a few evenings at the Riverwoods cute little street fair


August...where o where did the month of my birth go?  We didn't do anything for my birthday, I had to work during the day.  I tell ya it was quite strange going to work and not a soul knowing it was your birthday.  Not that I expect big fanfare or anything, but just a little odd knowing it was just another day for everyone I was around for those 8 hours.
My Auntie Crissie came to visit, mostly to help out to watch Inoke when I had to work day shift so that Inoke didn't have to be in daycare.  We went to Bear Lake with the Asisi Family. Went to an Owlz game with the Eyre's. And just tried to remember everyone's birthday...
Our life saver, Auntie Crissie

Bear Lake County Fair

Bear Lake Truck Pull

Sacked out at the Lake

Treden feeding the horse .. Inoke is not too sure

Tired cousins after a day at the Lake

Owlz Game 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

JULY 2012

July was busy.  Mom and Dad came down for a quick trip for Ezra's 1st birthday.  It really is all a blur.  I had to work 4th of July day but everyone seemed to have a great time at the Parade, in the evening we went to Danny and Khealynn's to celebrate. We did get to go to the freedom festival and enjoy some not so great food...but great people watching.  We also went fishing with Grandpa Asisi with the cousins. Also my Gram turned 95!

Sparklers and 4th of July at the Harris'

Freedom Festival

Grandpa and Grandma H

Fishing with Grandpa Asisi  
95?! Doesn't she look great!!