Wednesday, April 18, 2012

11 Months

11 months, woo hoo!

We are getting so close to Inoke's birthday, we are counting down the days to celebrate this little guy turning 1.  He is so busy, always picking up who knows what off the ground and eating it, ugh so gross! He is walking with such determination now, and seems to be trying to run sometimes.  He is talking up a storm, making so many sounds.  My favorite is it sounds like he is saying "wow".  He is very vocal, just like his momma ;).  There have been some really nice days recently and we have been spending time outside, Inoke loves the sunshine and taking in nature, we can't wait for the summer.

He's crazy!

I got a picture of his teeth.  And my worries have subsided, Inoke's upper right central is finally starting to break through.  Inoke is not as nearly as excited as I am, he has been really cranky and whiney, but hey the upside is he just wants to cuddle most of the time ;) .

Just a random picture of Inoke enjoying some JDawgs

On a side note, I had a personal goal to lose all of my baby weight by the time Inoke turned 1.  I am happy to say I have achieved that goal, early! My work had a biggest loser contest so that helped to jumpstart and motivate me to lose it.  I am really proud of myself, however it is tough losing weight when you are in your mid 30's! Man my metabolism just isn't what it used to be! Anyway I still have weight to lose from before I got pregnant, so here's to health and exercise!! 

Now on to planning Inoke's 1st birthday, its going to be great!! 


Easter was nice this year, my mom and dad were able to come down and visit.  I wish I had some photos from their camera of them with Inoke, I'll just have to post those later.  My mom made this great Easter basket for Inoke.  Cute new outfit, some teddy graham treats, a book, stuffed bunny, cute little froggy basket, and some other great toys! Thanks Nana Kathy!!! 

Easter egg hunt and The Eyre's

His little Easter outfit, such a stud! 


Danny, Ezra, Inoke and I flew up to Washington to see the grandparents and participate in The Big Climb. The Big Climb is a fundraiser for Lymphoma and Leukemia where participants climb 69 flights of stairs to raise money for the cause.  It's really cool!

It was fun to go up to Washington and just relax at mom and dads for a few days.  We did go out to Black Lake for an afternoon to go fishing with the Springers... Good times!

At the airport getting ready to leave Utah

Inoke's new favorite snack, beef jerky! 

Black Lake

Sandwiches at Meconi's! 

Waterfront walk with the cousins

Bath time with Ezra

On our road trip back to Utah

The boys and their kilts, Scotty is missing though he was pretty sick.

All in all it was a great trip, the babies did really on the road trip back.